V-Ray for Sketchup

Vray is a visualization software which creates photo realistic renderings for your Architectural model. Although Vray is available for all the major Architectural 3D modelling software, yet in this blog we are considering Vray 3.4 for Sketchup.

Why we use VRAY?
Difference between Sketchup and Vray material

Getting Started

When you open Sketchup, you will find 3 toolbars for VRay.

Introduction to VRay
Vray Toolbars

How to apply VRay Material on Model?

Step 1: Open V-Ray Asset Editor.

Step 2: Choose Materials.

Step 3: Expand Asset Editor towards left. It opens up the Vray Material Library. Vray materials are sub-divided into 20 categories. 

Step 4: Select the required material; drag & drop from material library to material list.

Step 5: Select the Sketchup  model faces on which the material is to be applied.

Step 6: Right click on material name in material list and select “Apply Material to Selection”.


The same material is also available in the Sketchup Materials Toolbar. You can select the material & apply it using the Sketchup Paint bucket tool.

Difference betweeen Material & Texture

Material is a uniform homogeneous skin applied on the faces of a 3D model whereas Texture is the pattern applied on over the Material. In other words Texture is the outermost covering of a Material.

Without Material, Texture doesn’t exists.

We have to first create a Material and then we can apply Texture over it.


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